Is Invisalign® Treatment Right For Me?

Braces can be clear and easy when you choose to go with Invisalign® clear aligners.

Advantages of Invisalign® Treatment over braces

As the name implies, Invisalign® treatment is an alternative to braces which aligns your teeth and is practically invisible. Many prefer Invisalign® clear aligners because of this, both adults and teens. And for teens it’s especially important for those big milestones in your life, such as yearbook photos and grad.  Invisalign braces are great for teenagers who prefer a more low-key option solution than a mouth of metal, and make it possible for you to almost forget that you’re getting orthodontic treatment. Your friends may not even be able to tell!
Invisalign treatment offers many benefits over traditional braces. Such as:
  • Nearly invisible when worn
  • Can be taken out when eating
  • Can be taken out for cleaning, making maintaining your dental hygiene easier

How Much Does Invisalign® Treatment Cost?

Though the costs can vary depending on the amount of movement required in your teeth, Invisalign®  treatment typically starts around $5,500 and are often covered by family dental plans. Our orthodontists offer new patient packages that add extra value and convenience, such as iPads for monitoring progress, and electric toothbrushes for maintaining good dental hygiene during treatment. Ask us for details

Should I Get Invisalign® Treatment Through My Family Dentist?

Even though many family dentists can offer Invisalign® treatment, without being orthodontic specialists they are usually limited in what they can offer, with Invisalign® treatment being their only option. Seeing one of our orthodontic specialists means you’ll be sure that Invisalign clear aligners are the best treatment choice for you – before you make the commitment.

Choosing to go with an orthodontic specialist ensures that you are receiving not just the service you want, or what there is to offer, but what is best for you.


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